Private Sessions

I offer a range of private, one-on-one or two-on-one sessions both in person (dependent on COVID restrictions) and online. Currently I offer the following:

  1. Restorative Yoga for New Mums: Nurturing the Nurturers

  2. Prenatal Yoga Classes

  3. Breath, Mindfulness and Meditation

  4. Ayurveda Health Coaching

Restorative Yoga for New Mums:

Nurturing the Nurturers

In this session I will come to the new mum's house, and help her delve deep into the world of rest and relaxation: nourishing her body, mind and soul. With the body fully supported and able to completely let go and relax in restorative yoga poses, the mind too will let go and relax. Breathing techniques will be used to support the process of relaxing into a state of rest and recovery.

In most parts of the world, across many traditional health traditions, women are encouraged and supported to rest and recover, and simply spend time bonding with baby following birth: from the Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions of India, to the Traditional Chinese Medicine practices of China, to the beliefs and practices of the Greek Orthodox Church. Somewhere along the line, many parts of our society decided the mark of “success” for a mother was to just keep going following birth, and to ignore the body's very real need for rest and recovery, and the opportunity to integrate and process the myriad of emotions that birth and becoming a mother brings. The rate of mothers developing post-natal depression and anxiety continues to rise, partially due to the lack of support offered at this very special time. I strongly believe the post-partum period is not time for strong physical exercise and rushing around, but a time to allow the body to recover from the amazing, yet taxing, process of pregnancy and birth, and the mind to adjust to the transition into being someone's mother – whether for the first or fifth time. Nurturer's need nurturing too.

The perfect gift for any new mum. Contact me for a Gift Voucher.

60 minutes and 90 minutes available.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

My prenatal yoga classes are gentle classes that support mums-to-be relax, strengthen, deal physically, mentally and emotionally with the challenges of pregnancy, and prepare for the physical, mental and emotional challenges of labour. I will guide you through a combination of breathing techniques suitable for pregnancy and as preparation for labour; yoga poses to support healthy muscles through a combination of strengthening and lengthening; yoga poses supportive of common physical issues women may experience during pregnancy; practices that support physical and mental challenges of labour; and restorative poses to support rest and relaxation.

Because I tailor classes to your individual needs they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy, but if in doubt about your personal circumstances you must consult your healthcare team prior to commencing classes. Please inform me of any issues that you are experiencing, so that I can modify the practice to suit your needs.

These classes are available both in-person and online. They can be conducted either one-on-one or you may like to do them with a friend.

Breath, Mindfulness and Meditation

If my current breath, mindfulness and meditation courses don't meet your current needs I can tailor-make individual classes or a course for you.

These classes are available both in-person and online. They can be conducted either one-on-one or you may like to do them with a friend.

Ayurveda Health Coaching

Often we know we need change to improve our wellbeing, but it can be hard to know where to start, or to maintain motivation to make sustained changes to our lifestyle. This is where Ayurveda Health Coaching can come in.

Together we will explore what aspects of life are working for you and what could be improved. We'll then draw on a range of Ayurvedic practices to make simple, lasting changes to your lifestyle and help restore balance in your life.

Dhawura nguna dhawura Ngunnawal. I acknowledge I live and work on Ngunnawal country. I pay respect to the country, culture, language and people, especially the Ngunnawal Elders. I would also like to extend my respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which you live, wherever you may be in the world.