Online Courses

Very soon I'll be launching an Introduction to Linguistics series of self-paced online courses. You'll be able to either pick and choose the individual courses you're interested in or purchase them in bundles. The series will include the following courses:

Phonetics and Phonology: The sounds of language

Morphology and Syntax: The structure of language

English Word Classes and Phrase Structure

English Clauses and Sentences

Endangered Languages: Language endangerment, death, and revival
Who are these courses for?
Anyone with an interest in language!
You may be particularly interested if you are a teacher, speech pathologist, writer, student, language learner, a member of a community working on language maintenance or revival, or indeed anyone interested in understanding more about language for your professional or personal life.
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This is what some previous linguistics students have said about me:

"Louise is a brilliant teacher with an excellent knowledge of linguistics, a learning area which I often find difficult to comprehend. Not only is Louise incredibly knowledgeable about this subject area, she is also very approachable and is able to break down concepts in order to explain them in meaningful ways. I really appreciate the time she spent working with me in a private setting and feel lucky to have benefited from her thoughtful and positive approach to teaching." Brooke, Speech Pathologist

"It has definitely been a challenge taking part in your unit on English grammar - but has definitely been worthwhile! I feel like I know a lot more about how to talk about grammar and how it works and is used, rather than just knowing how to use it and only a more basic understanding of all the intricacies. Thank you for all your patience, great organisation and very clear and concise lectures and tutorials through the course of this semester... it has been very much appreciated by myself, and I'm very sure also by others in the unit as well." Sharee, Japanense and EAL/D school teacher (former University of Canberra graduate student)

"As a newly practicing speech pathologist, Louise refined my knowledge of identifying and transcribing Australian English at the phoneme level. She identified where I needed theoretical knowledge and practice. Louise then provided targeted, explicit teaching and homework practice. Louise was a prepared and patient teacher of linguistics. She provided me reference material to cover the latest standardised transcription methods and stepped me through using the basic and more advanced ways of transcribing speech. Louise was also able to examine the standard formal speech assessments I use with a linguist's eye. This assisted me refine my assessment protocol as a speech pathologist. I would recommend Louise as a teacher of linguistics and believe her efforts have improved my knowledge and transcription of phonemes." Jane, Speech Pathologist.

"I just wanted to say thank you Louise - I really appreciate all your hard work this semester. It has been a hard subject but I have learnt so much! Thank you for your taking the time to explain things over the last 12 weeks." Luke (former University of Canberra graduate student)

"Louise, I just wanted to thank you for teaching us this semester. I have really enjoyed this class, which is actually a first for me at uni. This class reminded me of my love for learning and I'm so thankful for that. Thanks for being an excellent teacher!" Kathryn (former University of Canberra undergraduate student)

"Louise has been highly organised, accessible and engaging in her presentation of this unit. I feel like I am learning a lot and am very supported in my learning by Louise and her presentations, both in how she presents her lectures and the tutorials as well. The learning materials that she uses and provides through her lecture and tutorial notes are very clear and always presented in a manner that allows me to access them regardless of what technology I am using." Former University of Canberra graduate student

"Louise is a great help and such a good teacher. She is very approachable and easy to understand." Former University of Canberra undergraduate student

Dhawura nguna dhawura Ngunnawal. I acknowledge I live and work on Ngunnawal country. I pay respect to the country, culture, language and people, especially the Ngunnawal Elders. I would also like to extend my respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which you live, wherever you may be in the world.